PaymentWorld to Offer a Comprehensive Data Breach Protection Bundle to its Merchants

PaymentWorld to Offer a Comprehensive Data Breach Protection Bundle to its Merchants

Irvine, CA | October 22, 2019 | PaymentWorld, a payment processing provider, partners with Aperia to provide PaymentWorld merchants with Data Breach Protection bundle.

In an increasingly digital world, no business is immune from cyber risk. A specialized data breach protection designed to stop threats before they happen and provide loss protection if they happen, is a powerful tool for merchants.

Roman Balanko, CEO of PaymentWorld stated: “Our Security Bundle is the first product that is both highly effective in preventing a data breach and dealing with the aftermath in case it happens”. Mr Balanko also added: “A key element to get the most for our merchants is to partner with the best vendors. The Data Breach bundle has brought together very powerful solutions that will help our customers in many ways”

PaymentWorld Security Bundle includes a suite of world-class tools:

  • Breach Protection: Provides merchants with legal, consulting, loss protection, and incident response services
  • CylancePROTECT: Machine-learning and artificial intelligence engine that distinguishes between malicious malware and legitimate program
  • EndpointLock: Keystroke encryption layer that is installed on a merchant’s peripheral devices to protect information at the point of data entry
  • Endpoint Scanning: Identifies unencrypted cardholder data (PII), misconfigured vulnerable devices, and network vulnerabilities that need patching

With a recent surge of new technology, there is a greater risk of data breach for merchants. PaymentWorld offers an all-inclusive business security breach bundle that can help protect your data.

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