About Us

Chain PR


We specialize in global public relations with exposure to a majority of countries all over the world. With over 15 years of combined experience in PR we leverage our relationships, accomplishments, industry leaders and past clients to achieve amazing results in the technology space. At our core we come from the world of technology with stems reaching AR, VR, AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain. We create the links on a global scale. Your press is as strong as it’s strongest link, replace it with a complete Chain. Get people talking about your project on a global scale.

Our Experience

Our experience includes but are not limited to. Professional Marketing Materials, Creative Design, Content Generation, Blogs, Press Releases, Social Copy, Event Exposure, Complete coverage, Sponsorships, Influencer Marketing, Print and Gorilla Marketing, Planning and Advisory.

Our Clients Are World Leaders in:

Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, Advertising, Marketing, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Communication, Gaming, Media, Government, E-Commerce, Logistics, Trading and More..