Biometrics and the Future of Delivery Security with Serve

Biometrics and the Future of Delivery Security with Serve

Serve’s mission is to create an intuitive, transparent and decentralized platform that connects users, enterprises, and providers in a single global and frictionless ecosystem. In order to do this, and to serve you better than anyone else, we must continually improve and reinvent ourselves and stay at the forefront of technological innovation. Having said that, we are proud to introduce you to the latest advancement to Serve’s award-winning blockchain logistics platform — the integration of biometrics, specifically facial recognition technology (FRT) and fingerprint recognition technology.

Let’s face it! *pun intended* Computers have become way better than us at recognizing faces. Facebook’s DeepFace and Apple’s Face ID can identify human faces in digital pictures with almost perfect accuracy, and they’re getting better by the day. Having been in the logistics space for more than 20 years, we immediately recognized biometrics’s potential to revolutionize last mile logistics! Couple that with blockchain’s security and transparency features, add the efficacy of smart contracts, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

So, how does facial recognition technology work and why have we decided to utilize it? Without getting too technical, the simple answer is — where you see faces, computers see data. When a user of the platform uploads a photo of their face, facial recognition software uses cleverly designed algorithms to identify, map and measure key nodal points of the user’s face. Naturally, human faces vary greatly in their defining facial features; the distance between your eyes and eyebrows, the length and width of your nose, the curvature of your lips, the position of your ears and so forth. Our smart software then takes this information and securely stores it as a faceprint on the platform. Every time a user needs to confirm their identity, our software compares the live capture with the stored faceprint and determines whether they match.

To fulfill orders, Serve connects retailers with delivery couriers in a decentralized, P2P manner. Oftentimes these goods are sensitive products where the chain of custody and proof of delivery are critical (such as pharmaceuticals or liquor.) The addition of biometrics technology to Serve’s blockchain logistics platform solves this problem effectively by making the whole process vastly more secure and transparent which, in turn, makes deliveries of sensitive products easier to track.

At Serve, we really care about security. By combining our patented facial recognition technology with our fingerprint recognition technology we’re able to elevate our lineup of delivery security measures. Every activity on the Serve Platform is transparently recorded on the tamper-proof blockchain. We’re building the most technologically advanced global decentralized ecosystem to date.

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